In this day, I walked out from my home with my bad feeling. I don't know what I should to do when this drawing course has ended.

I not prepared myself for the last time. I don't like when the time of farewell I think it's was painfull I don't.... Shits.

And my friend told me she want to leave out from this admission's test.She want to start again with Interior decoration not Visual Communication Art.

In the next day I have been to ThaweeThapisek school to the first day test and get back to Silpakorn in evenning to meet my friend Nook.

Thank you for every comment from "our family Exteen" that's you give for me.

And someone please told me.

What's I should to do in the next time ?




(ไม่เก่งแกรมม่า เลยเลือกที่ไม่ใส่นะครับ